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Chess for Juniors

Chess is a very popular board game. It is played internationally. Chess helps to build the power of thinking. encourages kids and young persons to love and play chess. This page contains information about Irish chess links, ICU ratings and Irish chess year. It also intends to provide description of forthcoming and passed Irish chess events for Juniors.

Irish Chess Links

Dublin Junior Chess
The Irish Chess Union (ICU) Junior Chess

ICU Ratings

Upon registration with ICU, an initial rating of 700 is given to a player. A player then starts to accumulate his/her rating points as he/she goes along with competitions.

The rating point jumps high when a player wins a game against an opponent of higher rating. Similarly, the rating point jumps down when a player loses a game against an opponent of lower rating.

Irish Chess Year

The ICU Chess year starts in September and ends up in August of the following year.

Rising Star Junior Event - 2011

One day, 6 round Swiss, 11 Jun 2011, Academy Plazza Hotel, Dublin
Organized by: Darren McCabe, Jobstown Chess Club, Dublin 24

Mustakim is taking Runner-Up trophy from Darren McCabe.

Rising Star 2011 - Standings

Rising Star 2011 - Cross Table

Rising Star Novices Tournament - 2010

One day, 6 round Swiss, 24 April 2010, Academy Plazza Hotel, Dublin
Click here to view Standings and Cross Table.