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Funny Names
Five friends lived together in a house. Their names were Mad, Brain, Stupid, Somebody and Nobody. One day Somebody killed Nobody. At that time Brain was in the bathroom. So Mad called the police.

Mad: Is this the police station?
Police: Yes.
Mad: Somebody killed Nobody!
Police: Are you mad?
Mad: Yes, I am Mad.
Police: You don't have a brain?
Mad: Brain is in the bathroom.
Police: Are you stupid?
Mad: No, I am not Stupid. Stupid is reading this!!!
Life is like a Piano
White keys are happy moments and blacks are the sad moments.
Both keys are played together to give a sweet music called...LIFE
Tear of Eye
Last night I was thinking of you. A tear rolled down my face.
I asked the tear, "where are you going"?
The tear replied, "there's someone so important in your eyes that there is no room for me".